Thu, Jul 17 2014 5:00 PM Fri, Jul 18 2014 11:00 PM

The stage is set.

The lights are dimmed.

And the spirits of the dead will speak before the world of the living.


Conversations With The Dead is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will take the audience on an incredible journey to the other side.  Hosted by one of the world's most renowned paranormal investigators (Ryan Buell, star and executive producer of A&E's smash-hit "Paranormal State") and psychics (Michelle Belanger, also from "Paranormal State" as well as HBO's "True Blood" and History's "Monsterquest"), the duo will challenge your beliefs on the supernatural.

This is not a lecture on ghosts and spirits.  Nor is it simply "for entertainment purposes only."  The investigations and experiences by Buell and Belanger are very real, shocking, moving and sometimes dangerous.

Conversations With The Dead is an intimate and personal experience.  During the first part of the event, the two will take the stage to share their personal journeys and experiences with the supernatural.  The second part of the event will involve sharing new, behind-the-scenes stories from their investigations on the hit A&E series, "Paranormal State."  And finally, the third act.  The final part of the event will have Belanger attempting to make spirit communication before a live audience. 


                                        THE THREE-ACT EVENT


Act One - Growing Up Haunted / Growing Up Psychic. For Buell, this means sharing more about his childhood experiences than he's ever shared before.  Although millions know him as the stoic and driven star of the documentary series, "Paranormal State," few know his backstory.  At a young age, Buell's experiences with the supernatural terrified him, leading him to devote most of his young life to investigating the unknown.  Belanger's story is no-less compelling.  As a child, she was forced to undergo an emergency surgery on her heart, which caused her to die for a short time. Twice.  Her life was never the same again.  As she grew into adulthood, she began to notice glowing colors around people.  And then, she discovered she had the ability to communicate with the souls of the dead. 

Act Two - Their Experiences Together.  Both of them starred in the mega-hit series, "Paranormal State," which allowed viewers to peek in to their world every week and watch them investigate strange, bizarre and frightening cases.  However, the viewer was only ever given 22-minutes inside a much more in-depth and intense world.  The story behind the episodes is truly much more fascinating.  With the help of a moderator, Buell and Belanger will discuss some of their most memorable cases with the audience (the audience will also get to help pick which cases they want to hear about).  But they'll do much more than just talk.  They will allow the cases to speak for themselves.  For the first time ever, NEW footage and evidence will be presented on stage to give the audiences a closer glimpse.  We also have a few additional surprises in store.

Act Three - Conversations With The Dead.  Above everything else, Ryan Buell and Michelle Belanger want to connect with the audience and have a collective experience together.  In order to do this, the two have decided to attempt spirit communication on stage in front of a live audience.  There are many different ways to communicate with the dead, however.  The two will randomly select a few people from the audience to participate in The Ganzfeld Experiment, a technique used by PRS on the show to help an individual heighten their senses and concentrate on bringing a spirit closer.  Belanger, a talented psychic and medium, will try to focus on their experiences and any spirits around them.  Belanger will also pick a few volunteers within the audience who wish to communicate with their departed loved ones.  It should be noted that Belanger does not charge for readings nor is she strictly a psychic (see her bio for more information).  And although there are no guarantees as to what may happen, the only guarantee we'll make is that it will be an unforgettable event!

                                          ABOUT THE SPEAKERS


Ryan Buell
Best known as the star/host and executive producer of A&E’s hit show, “Paranormal State”, Ryan Buell is one of the most recognized paranormal researchers in the country. A docu-drama based on Buell’s real-life investigations, “Paranormal State” debuted to 2.5 million viewers and ran for five successful seasons, generating a loyal fanbase and subsequently inspiring paranormal-based TV shows and films along the way.

Since the age of fifteen, Buell has investigated hundreds of cases of unexplainable phenomenon ranging from ghosts, hauntings, past-lives, UFOs, abductions, monsters, angel sightings, claims of miracles, and more. He has also worked with law enforcement (to explore occult activity and reexamine cold cases) and the Roman Catholic Church (to investigate violent, real-life claims of demonic possession).

Buell’s talents aren’t limited to chasing ghosts on camera. At twenty-seven, Buell became executive producer and a show runner for “State” and he also directed multiple episodes during the fifth season.
Aside from “State,” Buell has co-created/produced TV specials (A&E’s “The Ghost Prophecies”) and an independent film (“American Ghost Hunter”). He is also a bestselling author, comic book writer, and a freelance journalist (“Huffington Post”, “NPR”).

Buell has attracted a large fanbase that continues to grow every year. He has appeared on a plethora of TV programs including “The Montel Williams Show,” “Tyra,” “Red Eye,” “Maury,” “Fox and Friends” and more.


Michelle Belanger
Afflicted with a life-threatening heart defect from birth, Michelle Belanger endured both out of body experiences and near death experiences before the age of five. Her mother believed that these traumatic brushes with death made Michelle more sensitive to psychic phenomenon. Michelle herself believes that her skills arise from a combination of genetics, environment, and fate.

Michelle's psychic inheritance manifested in a variety of ways, the most remarkable of which was psychic vampirism. Michelle identified and came to terms with this condition while still in her teens.

Michelle is a prolific individual involved in a number of areas of creative expression. Her non-fiction works include the best-selling Psychic Vampire Codex, (Weiser, 2004) Psychic Dreamwalking (Weiser 2006), The Psychic Energy Codex (Wesier 2007), The Dictionary of Demons, (Llewellyn, 2010) and the Watcher Angel Tarot Guidebook (Emerald Tablet, 2011).

Michelle has been involved in a number of television shows and films documenting her gifts as a psychic and researcher as well as her work the vampire subculture. She consulted with HBO's "True Blood" and appeared in several behind-the-scenes specials.  As a researcher, she appeared in shows such as History's "Monsterquest."  She is best known, however, for her co-starring role in the smash hit A&E series, "Paranormal State," where she appeared in seasons 2-5.  During season 4, she became the show's full time psychic consultant.  She is currently developing several new projects, including a new show with Buell that will air sometime later in 2014/early 2015.

A skilled energy worker, Michelle is the founder of House Kheperu, a magickal society with a unique style of energy work.  Michelle teaches classes around the country on dreamwalking, energy exchange, spirit communication, and many other fascinating topics.  Surprisingly enough, she does not charge for her psychic work, a rarity in the field today!


                                           ABOUT THE TICKETS

Lecture Pass
The 1 ½ hour presentation with Ryan Buell and Michelle Belanger will start with the beginning, covering how the paranormal came in to each others lives. It will then take you on an incredible journey of unexplained experiences, hysterical antics and the adventures the two shared during "Paranormal State." Then, the duo will attempt spirit communication and allowing audience members to participate in two methods to try and establish contact with the other side. There will also be time left after the lecture for a Q&A from the audience. Purchase your tickets online to save $10. Tickets may be purchased at the door, depending on availability, for $50.

Silver VIP Pass
Meet Ryan & Michelle before the show with a special Silver VIP Experience.  Get access to the speakers before the lecture with the VIP Reception package! VIP ticket holders get first-seating priority for the lecture, as well as a private VIP Q&A before the event. Every VIP member will get an opportunity to meet Ryan Buell and Michelle Belanger, as well as get autographs/photos. VIP Reception will last for 1 ½ hours. The lecture pass is included in the package.

Gold VIP Pass
The Ultimate Experience.  Only 10 Tickets Available!  Sit down with Ryan and Michelle and enjoy an evening dinner before the show.  Since there are only 10 tickets, this will be a private, intimate experience.  The Gold VIP Pass also includes one lecture ticket and all the Silver VIP Pass amenities such as the VIP Meet-And-Greet, Priority Seating and more! This exclusive package offers a personal session with you and a few others, with Ryan Buell and Michelle Belanger. Join the two for a private dinner* before the event begins and where you can pick their brains, share your personal paranormal experiences and laugh over your favorite "Paranormal State" moments. This also includes the lecture, the meet & greet, the private VIP Q&A before the event, and a photograph/autograph session. You will be notified on where the dinner well be held by email a week before the the event.
*Dinner cost is not included in the package



2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Early Gold VIP Private Dinner
5:30PM - 6:30PM - Silver VIP Meet-And-Greet Group #1
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM - Premiere Presentation
8:30 PM - 9:00 PM - Q&A
9:30 PM - 10:30 PM - Silver VIP Meet and Greet